Thursday, August 4, 2016

Creativity and Creation - Introduction

Hello! Hello! And welcome to the first installment of Creativity and Creation. This is a weekly series that explores thoughts, ideas, current projects, and various other things related to creative endeavors.

Let's talk for a bit about motivation, and finding that thing that makes you want to create. If I were to ask you, "Why do you create?" what would your answer be?

"I create because I need to, to pay the bills."
"Because it lets me relax after a tough day."
"To practice for a future career."
"For some extra money."
"Do I need a reason? I just do."

If you're curious, my answer is, "I create because I feel like I can't give up on that side of me." It may sound like a strange answer, so let me explain.

My mind is constantly moving. It's really hard for me to shut it down, and from an early age I learned that creating things helps to "clear the queue" so to speak. So for me, creating things is just something I need to do every so often. The biggest hurdle to my creative tendencies is my inability to find motivation, and my procrastination.

There are innumerable unfinished projects all around me. Some have lingered for over ten years, some less than six months. I'm really good at starting things. I'm also really terrible at finishing them. And so I continue to find time management theories, read article after article on procrastination, talk to people about motivation, and any other thing I can think of to fix this problem. Never happens though. The problem always remains, and I know all I can do about it is make a strong, concerted effort to change things.

That brings us to the end of this not-so-organized first episode of Creativity and Creation. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on motivation, and your answers to the question "Why do you create?" Feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I'll see you next week for a cheerier second episode.


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  1. You're face is creative.

    I feel like regardless of the reason for doing creative things, it can be such a relief for some folks, y'know? Like I tend to do more crafting when I'm fighting off depression and Bad Juju (not to be confused with the old WoW troll stuff). It helps keep my mind from floating to Bad Places and usually is a sure-fire way to bring me back. Also, it's fun.

    Really I should create more.