Friday, August 7, 2015

Would You Believe in a Love at First Sight?

(Blaugust day 7)

Wednesday felt like it would never get here. I'd been talking with an amazing girl for five days, and soon I'd get to meet her in person. It started through Twitter DMs, then jumped to text. We'd blown each other's phones up every day talking about anything and everything. I was worried. What if we'd covered all the small talk? Would we have anything to talk about on our date? She's driving down from Vegas for one night, so it better be good!

I made reservations at a small restaurant on Newport Beach. A tasty, reasonably healthy dinner, a walk on the beach, and an ocean sunset. It was my chance to be the romantic I never could in Arizona. Now I had to hope that there wasn't any awkwardness. I am prone to social anxiety that doubles or triples around cute girls, after all.

She arrived in the mid-afternoon. I met her outside. We hugged and I started to fall even harder for her. The pictures I'd seen before didn't do her justice. A beautiful girl stood there, beaming her smile, visibly excited to meet me. It was a strange sensation.

There was a little bit of anxiety in my stomach as we got in my car and headed to the beach. Those old feelings were trying to return, but her smile put me at ease. There was something really special about how she looked at me. Conversation started to flow after about 5 minutes on the road. Our trip felt brief, and soon we were on the beach. I wanted to hold her hand as we walked to the restaurant, but hesitated.

As we stepped up the curb, she slipped and stumbled a bit. Instinctively I put my arm around her shoulders to stabilize her. Her hand, guided by a similar instinct I'm sure, reached up and held my own. That was when I knew I loved her. It was such a small gesture, but it meant more than I can explain. It signaled an innate comfort between us. An instant connection of two bodies and minds.

Dinner went off without a hitch. I had a delicious lobster ravioli, she had an AMAZING seared ahi. Was pretty jealous I didn't get the same thing, but I'm glad she's the kind of person that doesn't mind sharing their food. Maybe we'll go back soon...

With dinner done we walked along the beach looking for a spot to sit and watch the sunset. We held hands the entire way. My mind was buzzing. By the time we found a bench I wondered "how much better can this date get?" The answer was "infinitely". We curled up on the bench because it was a cooler night. Body heat tends to negate that.

Conversation continued as the sun lowered to the horizon. We talked about things that are not first date things. Past history in relationships, heartbreak, why we consider ourselves broken at times, etc. And then, as the sun dipped further, the conversation stopped. All we heard was the ocean waves. All we felt was each other.

I looked down at her.

She looked up at me.

Our lips touched...

Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.


  1. I believe :) After months of chatting constantly online, that first physical meeting just confirms what you already know - at least it did for me. My first thoughts were how tall he was, how great he smelled and how gorgeous he was - all bonuses to what was already a great mental connection :) That was 3 years ago & we're still together & going strong!