Sunday, August 2, 2015

On Words and How I Work With Them (Blaugust Day 2)

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a technical writer for Blizzard Entertainment. More specifically I work as a part of our Global Customer Support Operations team. What does this mean? Let me explain.

Have you ever used our support site? If so, did you look at an article or breaking news post? That's what my team does. We create the articles that, hopefully, help you enough that you don't need to contact a GM for more assistance. 

Working in the operations of a game company means we rarely get acclaim. The only time I see my work on a site not hosted by Blizzard is when someone points to an article from Reddit or another fan site. But that's okay. I still enjoy what I do.

My background was solely in the realm of fictional writing before I started my foray into the technical world 4 years ago. That was all thanks to a friend who got me into a software and hardware automation company. The writing was dry, but it was nice to get paid well to write something. Now that I'm at Blizzard, I've got more freedom to be less dry. Technical writing isn't everyone's dream job, and it's certainly not my end goal, but it's a fun thing to do. Especially since it's at the company I've wanted to work at for the better part of my adult life.

So that's a grand view of my role at Blizzard as a technical writer. I may go into more detail when I'm not typing this in a hurry after getting back in to town.

***Part of the #Blaugust initiative.***

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  1. I'm so glad that I have come across your site (Yay for Blaugust!). I'm currently studying professional writing and editing, and one of my optional units is Technical Writing.

    I'm not sure if that is the one I'll be taking yet (Still have a few modules to go before I need to choose) so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out in case you do get time to dive into more detail :)