Monday, August 10, 2015

Can Nothing Stand Against the Hype?!

***Blaugust day 9***

Hype trains are a dangerous thing. The internet accelerates them through special machines designed to focus on the minutiae of a product. And so they move ever faster towards release. Momentum builds until there is no way the brakes will have a chance to activate before it derails. Bodies full of hype lay strewn across barren fields of misunderstood promises. Some say the rails weren't finished or were too far beyond repair, and that's what destroyed the train. Others say that the people shoveling coal into the flames made the train bigger and faster than anything the rails could reliably handle.

Before I started working at Blizzard it was easy to view the train from afar as it roared across the plains. Or to hop on when it stopped at the local station. Or, in some rare cases, to experience it as it barrels through the small tracks laid by a smaller title. Now I get to ride in a passenger car. I don't know when this train will reach its destination, or if it'll arrive in one piece. The ride is enjoyable though, and conversations with my fellow passengers are always entertaining.

Sometimes I want to help build up the hype for other people. The only problem is I can rarely say more than, "we've got some exciting stuff coming up sometime soon™" Even then I have to be really careful about what I say. I wanted to tell people about Legion. To say that Demon Hunters are a thing and they're awesome looking and they have double jumps and OH MY GOD! But I can't. I never can. Instead I have to be vague or cling to as much as I can until we officially announce something.

Once that announcement happens it's much easier to fan the fires of other people's hype. I can cheer and yell and talk about most things that I've kept secret. That's when it gets really fun.

Most of the time I now roll along on a handcar, far behind the hype train. If it arrives at the station in one piece then I'm happy to arrive a little late to the party. If, on the other hand, the train has demolished all in its path, I can pull the brake and hop off without a problem.

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