Monday, August 3, 2015

Aria's Ascension (Blaugust Day 3: Bonus Post!)

Note: The following is an unfinished work of fiction. It serves as an introduction to a character that I've yet to do anything with. I present this as a sample of what my fiction is like, and to hopefully get my words out to a dozen or so people.

Being stuck on this hopeless rock as it coasts through space has always felt like a punishment. Maybe I managed to piss off one of the gods in a past life. From up on high they sat, watched, waiting for the day that revenge could be served. And so my soul was born into this body, and that god laughed.

From the very start, I knew my goal in life was to overcome the terrestrial disability I was born with. This dull planet couldn’t hold me forever. Its bonds would be broken. The stars would be mine once more. Nothing can contain my glory from—

“What are you doing?” My sister yelled from a distance. I was watching the sun as it crept towards the horizon. Orange and gold colors spreading over the ground and sky. It was a scene I’ve seen dozens, hundreds of times. Today’s sunset would be different though. It would be better.

“Maaaaaaaaax!” My sister made sure to draw out that vowel for as long as she could. Not only was she getting closer, she was starting to move from a minor to a major annoyance. I didn’t want her to find out what I was waiting for. Knowing my luck, if she did find out, she’d be the one to get chosen. “You deaf, Max?” Her open hand collided with the back of my head.

“Christ, Aria,” I yelled, grabbing the impact site. That was all the validation I felt like giving her. Two words. Nothing more. Not even a glance. I wasn’t going to look at her. Not going to happen.

“You can’t ignore me that easily.” Aria circled around me during that bout of indignation. She now sat in front of me on the same damp grass that I sat on. Her back was to the sunset though, and at that moment that’s all that mattered.

I knew the selection process worked off vision. If you saw it first, you were the one chosen to move on. Five more minutes of distraction and that spot would be mine.

“So,” my sister leaned back, supporting her weight with her outstretched arms. “Whatcha doin?” I watched as she shifted her weight and held her left hand in front of her face. “And why are you sitting in such damp grass?”

“This is where I come to watch the sunset sometimes,” I told my sister. It was a lie. I’ve never watched the sunset from here before.

“Liar,” my sister snapped. “You don’t care about nature and sunsets and things like that. What's really going on?" A light breeze blew her orange hair around. That was the first sign. Only three minutes to go.

"I'm waiting for someone here," I said. "If you really must know." It wasn't an outright lie. Someone, something, what's the difference? The wind was starting to pick up, and so was the electromagnetic field. Aria's orange hair started to rise, almost as if little invisible balloons were tied to her split ends. It was going to happen soon. Very soon. Sooner than I expected. "You should probably go home, sis. There's a storm rolling in and I don't want you to get hurt."

"Nope," she said. "Not until you tell me what's going on." Lightning flashed. "I'll sit here in the pouring rain." Birds took to the skies. "Just tell me why you're acting so strange." Trees started to bend and creak as the atmospheric pressure increased in a localized area around us. They were coming.

"Aria!" I didn't recognize the voice yelling for my sister. One of the new girls in the neighborhood maybe? "Get out of that storm, Aria!" I watched my sister turn to find the source. A blinding flash, a deafening crack, and she was gone. My sister, Aria, had seen them first.

I began to cry, and somewhere the gods laughed.

Blaugust Bonus Post

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