Monday, August 10, 2015

All Filler, No Killer (Blaugust Day 8)

I'm not going to lie, this is a total filler/make-up/lazy post. I need to make up for missing the Blaugust weekend and that means you're going to get a couple of low-effort posts. Today's is a bunch of micro-rants.

  • I've gone on a lot of drives this past year. Most of them to Phoenix or Las Vegas. That means long, boring, straight stretches of interstate highways. When you're on these asphalt veins there is, without fail, a sign that says "slower traffic keep right". I'm aware that this doesn't mean "keep right unless passing". What I'm saying is if you a) don't move over to the right—if there's room and it's safe—to let faster traffic pass or b) move over to the left to pass but don't actually overtake, I'm going to yell at you from the safety of my car.
  • Yes, I have an iPhone and an iPad. No, I'm not an Apple fanboy. I'm not an inferior human being for choosing these products over others. What I am is a consumer that decided I wanted to switch from a Droid to an iPhone 4S. I upgraded to a 5S later because it was cheap with a new contract. Next upgrade may still be an iPhone, it may not be. If we could just not judge each other on our material goods, that would be pretty amazing. (And yes, I'm aware some of the hate is in jest, but still)
  • Speaking of judging people, how is the internet more cliquey than high school?! There are so many different lunch tables out there in the world wide web. And those tables have sub tables of their own. You may be able to sit at the nerd table, but can you then sit with the Marvel nerds or the DC nerds? Oh, you want to sit at the Marvel table? Cool. Comics, movies, or TV shows? TV? You sure? Okay then, have fun. By the way, live action or animated?

    It's just getting kind of ridiculous how petty people can get about the things other people love. I'm guilty of it myself, but it's something I'm trying to be more conscious of and I only hope that you'll do the same thing.
  • Commercial rock music is kind of dead, and I'm dancing on its grave. The rock station in Arizona played, when I visited last weekend, the same programming I heard in high school over 10 years ago. I listened for a good couple of hours and heard MAYBE one new song. If I heard more then I didn't recognize them. That's probably because modern radio rock seems to be stuck in that weird post-nu-metal mode of the mid-2000s. Not like any of this really matters. Radio in general is dead to me. I just find the state of commercial music fascinating at times.

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